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“The Shift” A Short Story

Creative Nonfiction | Personal Memoir | Travelogues | Spiritual | Paranormal

With a shattered heart and crumbling world, a solo traveler seeks a renewed desire for life but finds the Cairngorms of Scotland riddled with misadventure – and Destiny.

“The Shift” is an act of claiming the wanted life, even in the face of chaos and the unknown. This short story retells true experiences.

eBook Now Available – $0.99
Paperback Releases October 1, 2022 – $4.99
Paperback | 24 Pages

Magazine Articles

Published in the H2 2018 issue of GPUG Magazine. Page 48 – “#LunchTimePhoto: Step Up and Step Out” 

As the owner and sole creator for Wild Lark Strategies, my copywriting and designs are used by many companies and interacted with across the globe. 

Personal Writings

False Identity

A little girl should never be made to feel small.

My Garden

Is it better to grow tame or wild?


Musings with an Extra Kick – This blog is where I collect thoughts and share adventures.

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