About Me

Though I was born in a tiny, rural town in Pennsylvania, I walked into a different school each year from the fourth to the twelfth grade. My life has not been a traditional one.

As a child, I always had my bare feet in the dirt and twigs in my hair. As a teenager, I was full of angst and wanted everything and nothing. Becoming a young woman was aided by traveling (passport required), attending university and finding out what it meant to love and to lose in this life.

For now, I am still on that journey of simultaneously being and transforming, but I have the added titles of wife, lover and mother.

And for those who want the simple, dog-eared version – my current household (in Lubbock, TX) consists of a husband, a toddler son, two cats and a dog. 

Yes, I am a full-time working mom in a garden home with all of that hair and am outnumbered by boys with both two and four legs.

Send wine.

Send scotch.

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