With a diagnosis of epeolatry and a fondness for bibliosmia, there is nothing more exciting than feeding fellow community members with these same welcomed afflictions.

As a professional writer and aspiring author, I am ever seeking improvement through novel work, blog posts, and professional publications. If you’re looking for an accountability or support buddy for writing, editing, reading, motherdom or womandom, follow me on Twitter @JamisonBrianne.


“THE SHIFT” A Short Story

eBook Now Available – $0.99
Paperback Releases October 1, 2022 – $4.99

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In December 2021, I opened the doors to Wild Lark Books, and independent bookshop and publishing company in Lubbock, Texas.

My desire is to break down barriers to one of the most hurdle-ridden and expensive art forms – writing and publishing – and challenge the industry to think differently. I honor authors as artists, and I believe what makes a good book is subjective to a reader.

In August 2022, my vision for Wild Lark Books became complete with the launching of the Wild Lark Books Fund, a sister 501c3 certified nonprofit that supports the art of storytelling by providing resources, programs, and support for writers from historically unserved communities and minority voices.